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Micro laser peels can remove up to 50 microns of aged and sun-damaged skin and is not intended for patients that are older with extensive sun damage or loose, wrinkled skin.The Micro Laser Peel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance.

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Our team understands that many patients visit us to find ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on their face, and tighten and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance.A MicroLaserPeel is a quick and effective treatment that uses a special laser to address conditions on the top layer of your skin.

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Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look.

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MicroLaserPeel is an advanced clinical method to improve skin texture, tone, and luminosity, and is easily customizable to your individual goals.Three years ago I had two microlaser peels, the second one with profractional around my mouth and between my brows.Did wonders for skin smoothing and.

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Unless you are severely disfigured it is definitely not worth the risk.Some types of lasers also penetrate into deeper layers of skin to provide additional benefits.The Micro Laser Peel in Blue Springs Missouri is the perfect procedure for patients wanting to eliminate wrinkles that are the result of photoaging.

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Call Today, make an appointment and try our micro laser peel.However, you may not have been aware of the unwanted effects of the sun and wind on your face.

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A micro laser peel, also known as a mini resurfacing, is a skin care treatment that rejuvenates facial skin leaving patients with smoother, healthier skin.

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Micro Laser Peel treatments are gaining in popularity in the cosmetic enhancement niche.A Micro Laser Peel is a light, full-face laser peel that rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin texture.Micro Laser Peel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and improve appearance.

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Utilizing innovative technology, this treatment achieves results that are immediately noticeable and long-lasting without requiring extensive downtime or discomfort.